Spartan FUN Run Frequently Asked Questions

Spartan FUN Run Event times are 8:00 am-11:00 am. Volunteers need to arrive at 7:00 am to assist with set up.


Participants can begin to arrive at 8:00am for registration and warm-up.  


Spartan FUN Run will kick off at 9:00 am and end at 11:00 am.  


Participants may leave any time after they have completed the obstacles and have soaked up as much fun as they can handle!

At Campbell Middle School on the football field and track, located behind the school building. You can park in the parking lot located at the corner of Atlanta Road and Campbell Road and head on around back! 

No. The entire Spartan FUN Run is a 1-mile course that includes ten obstacles. Obstacles include activities like running up stairs, belly crawl, an inflatable adrenaline rush, jump rope, hurdles, and one lap around the CMS track. Everything is intended to keep you safe, get your heart rate up a little, and have a lot of FUN!

You are only competing with yourself to COMPLETE this 1-mile/10 obstacle-course. You will not be required to finish in a certain amount of time but you are required to have FUN!

Sort of. When you arrive, there will be a registration table set up where volunteers will confirm you are registered. You will identify yourself as a single participant or as a Spartan POD (4 max).  You or your pod will be given a number written with body paint on your arm, leg, t-shirt . . . wherever you want! This will indicate how you are to line up at the beginning of the obstacle course. The event host will kick-off the fun at 9:00 am and begin calling out numbers to line up the participants. Participants will line up based on numbering and the event host will tell you when it is time to GO! Volunteers will then guide participants through the obstacles and cheer you on.  

Absolutely! The Spartan FUN run is created for each participant to do their best.  You can walk, run, hop, roll, and dab all the way through the obstacles. In fact, dancing is highly encouraged!

We are asking all participants to complete a waiver that you can download here and email it to or bring it with you on the day of the event.

Yes! You can support Campbell Middle School by registering as a “Sideline Cheerleader”.

Sideline cheerleaders simply love CMS and want to support our students. This level of registration is designed for anyone who is out of town, lives far away, or simply isn’t into obstacles but would still like to support CMS with a $25 donation.  

You do not have to register as a sideline cheerleader or make a donation to attend the Spartan FUN Run and cheer on your friends but we are hopeful that neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas who want to support a student will consider a $25 donation. And 100% of your donation will go to support CMS and your registration will count toward the student registration competition if you enter a student name and homeroom.  

If you want to participate in the Spartan FUN Run you must register as a student, community member or pod.  

Yes!  You will be able to participate in a Spartan POD (4 total registered participants) that can include family, friends, neighbors and teachers!  We will space out each Spartan POD as a safety precaution preventing participants from running over each other.  Our event host will tell each participant and Spartan POD when it is time to line up and GO!  

It’s up to you!  We would love for you to run in a group of at least 4 (we can match you up on race day if needed) but we also know INDEPENDENCE ROCKS so we’ll honor this request.  There will be plenty of ROTC Raiders and  volunteers everywhere to cheer you on and make sure you are having a lot of FUN!  

Yes!  The CHS ROTC Raiders and volunteers will be there to make sure everyone knows where to go, how to complete the obstacles and make sure you are having FUN!  

This is our first ever CMS Spartan FUN Run so the idea is to be safe and have FUN!  There will be some challenges to the obstacles but it’s not a race.  You can take your time and complete the obstacle to the best of your ability.  Obstacles include activities like running up stairs, belly crawl, an inflatable adrenaline rush, jump rope, hurdles and one lap around the CMS track.  You only need to do your best and have FUN!  

At each obstacle there will be volunteers to make sure you are safe, having fun and show you exactly what to do.  Once you’ve completed the obstacle, a volunteer will give you a Spartan Stripe (rainbow colors/body paint).  You can choose to have your stripe on your arm, leg or t-shirt.  There are 10 obstacles so you’ll want to earn 10 stripes to officially complete the Spartan FUN Run and earn your badge of honor, swag bag and t-shirt!

It depends.  You should be prepared to be on the ground for a few obstacles and there may be a Spartan Seal ready to “attack” you with a water balloon or silly string.  You will also receive a Spartan Stripe (rainbow colors/body paint) after you complete each obstacle.  The Spartan paint stripe can go on your arm, leg or t-shirt.  It’s really up to you how dirty you want to get!  

You should dress comfortably in something that is easy to move around in and can get dirty.  Depending on the weather we recommend athletic shorts/pants, t-shirt/sweatshirt, and comfy shoes to run around in.  Check the weather before you leave the house and remember to layer UP if it’s cold (you may want a hat & gloves)!  This is a Spartan FUN Run so be prepared for anything to happen!  

It can’t hurt.  This way if you get dirty/muddy/wet you can change into something clean and grab a cup of hot cocoa.

Yes, we encourage everyone to bring their own bottle of water.  We will also have bottles of water available for participants.  Hot cocoa will be available for everyone!  

Everyone who completes ten of the Spartan FUN obstacles, WINS!  


The FIRST 200 people to register as a Spartan FUN Run participant will receive a swag bag filled with goodies from our sponsors.  Everyone who completes the obstacle course will receive a “badge of honor” sticker for completing the entire course and a Spartan FUN Run T-shirt.  T-shirts will be delivered to students and participants after the race.  


CMS students will be asked to deliver t-shirts to  family, friends and community members who participated as his/her sponsor.  If you did not enter a student name to sponsor when you registered, a CMS Foundation board member will be in touch to find a time to deliver your t-shirts.  


There will also be prizes for the TOP 3 winners of the Student Registration Competition.  These will be students who have recruited the most Spartan FUN RUN participants (family, friends, community members).  Registrations will be counted by CMS Foundation Board members for verification.  


Students should ask their family, friends, and community members to register as a participant or a sideline cheerleader and list the student’s name & homeroom during registration.  The cutoff date for the student registration competition will be March 1st. Any registrations occurring after March 1st will not be counted toward the student registration competition.  

Top three students with the most registrations:

1st place - $100 Visa Gift Card + Race Day recognition and pole position to kick off Spartan FUN Run (including family and/or friends in a Spartan POD)

2nd place - $75 Visa Gift Card + 2nd position to kick off Spartan FUN Run (including family and/or friends in a Spartan POD)

3rd place - $50 Visa Gift Card + 3rd position to kick off Spartan FUN Run (including family and/or friends in a Spartan POD)

Yes!  There will two other ways a student can win: 

Homeroom Competition:

The Top 3 Classes with the highest % of registrations = Pizza Party


Grade Level Competition:

The grade with the highest % of registrations = Dr. Havis Surprise (TBA)

You can simply leave the student sponsor and homeroom field blank when you register.  You could also talk to friends and neighbors for a student recommendation or email for a recommendation of a student to sponsor. 

If there is significantly bad weather in the area we will not put anyone at risk. We will communicate updates via email and if the event is canceled due to bad weather, registered Spartan FUN Run participants will still receive a swag bag and a t-shirt.