Inspire. Dream. Transform.

Big things are being planned! The Campbell Middle School Foundation, in partnership with Campbell Middle School teachers and administration, and the Cobb County School District (CCSD), is planning to transform our school. We are making a significant investment to upgrade our campus which will be funded via donations from our partners: parents, corporate sponsors, grants, and CCSD.

The IB program offered at CMS encourages both personal development and academic achievement, challenging all students to think critically, to ask the right questions, and think across disciplines. The foundation believes—and the evidence shows—the environment we learn in influences this.

Hence, we are investing in updating four underutilized courtyard spaces. We would like to offer to our students and faculty:

The Atrium

A space that will bring out the best for our SPED students. Sensory aesthetics with textures, smells, and sounds that are therapeutic. A calming place. A place to explore or think. A place where the students can relax and build self-confidence outside of a classroom environment.

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The Quad

Inspired by New York City’s Bryant Park, this space is designed for our kids to relax in a green space, have lunch with friends, and to have a human connection with peers. A place to recharge before conquering the rest of their school day. A multipurpose environment that can be used by school clubs or to host events.

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The Lab

“I’ve been in the lab with a pen and a pad…” We all know the benefits of outdoor learning, including better mental health and academic performance. So let’s do it. But we plan to make it aesthetically nice, balanced with it being functional.  

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The Yard

Periodic chart of elements and hydroponics and converting light energy into chemical energy. Oh my! Our STEAM space will have an outdoorsy class space, a hydroponic wall, a place to get one’s hands into the soil. There will be sights of budding plants turning into fruits and vegetables. And if you are feeling creative, a place to doodle or draw on a sketch pad.

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